The Advantages Of Using Bots For Your Business (Custom Bot Development)

The world of technology is advancing quickly. We are faced with the rise of artificial intelligence – now implemented into our daily lives. According to recent reports, the AI software market reached a global worth of $10.1 billion in 2018. Between 2018 and 2019, there was a 154% growth in the global AI market. By 2030, about 26.1% of China’s GDP will depend on artificial intelligence.

There are many benefits that AI brings to our daily lives. Even the average person can benefit. With a single voice command, you can launch Siri on your iPhone. This gives you a virtual assistant in your pocket. There are many other examples of artificial intelligence in our daily lives. For business owners, the benefits of AI may be even greater. We explore how bots can be used to help a business grow in the modern world.

The Role Of Bots In The Corporate World

About 37% of all organizations have already implemented some kind of AI in their business model. In the last four years, there has been a 270% increase in the use of AI in the corporate world. By the year 2021, it is expected that about 80% of new technological inventions will use some form of AI. About $35.8 billion were spent on AI systems in 2019.

These statistics show that artificial intelligence plays a key role in modern-day businesses. Some business owners are not sure exactly how AI can fit into their corporate model – and bots are the perfect entry point.

The use of bots is on the rise – primarily due to the automation that comes with using this type of AI innovation. There are many uses for bots in the business world – and a large number of reasons why you might want to consider implementing AI bots into your own business model.

IBM reports that the use of bots helps to provide a significant enhancement in the automation of certain business tasks. In turn, this helps to free up time from employees. Many employees find themselves occupied with repetitive tasks during the day. This leaves little room for some of the higher-value tasks that may need to be completed. By the end of the day, the employee has spent their time on repetitive tasks. The higher value tasks are needed for the business to grow.

Bots can be used to help automate the repetitive tasks that take up a significant amount of the employee’s time. This means the employee becomes free to do tasks that bots may not necessarily be able to perform. These tasks are generally more valuable to the business too.

The Benefits Of Using Bots For A Business

There are several benefits that come with the implementation of bots in your business model. Let’s take a look at a few of these benefits that you should expect:

  • As mentioned, employees are not required to continue with repetitive tasks. These tasks are dealt with by the bot. The employee can then focus on more important assignments.
  • Bots are able to process information at much faster speeds than employees. This means the time it takes to complete repetitive tasks is reduced significantly. More tasks can thus be performed on a daily basis.
  • Bots are programmed to do a specific task exactly as the developer programs them. This means they will not make errors. With human employees, errors are relatively common. These errors can become costly mistakes. When switching to bots for repetitive tasks, the bot will not become tired, does not need to take a lunch break, and will do every task as it should – without the risk of errors.
  • Bots are relatively cheap to implement, depending on the type of bot and the amount of programming needed. In the long-run, the use of bots can provide a more cost-effective solution for your business to perform certain operations.
  • Bots can be programmed to work constantly. This means using a bot will not restrict the tasks performed to normal business hours. The bot can be programmed to run 24/7, which means it will always be performing tasks. This helps your business keep up in busy times and provide a more efficient way of ensuring all tasks are performed.

Uses For Bots In A Business Environment

You know that bots can be helpful for your business, but you may not be sure where exactly they can be used. The great thing is that the possibilities are truly endless when you choose to use bots for your business. The specific ways that a bot can help depending on the type of business you are running.

You should take a closer look at the internal operations of your business. Look at repetitive tasks that are taking up too much time from employees. These are generally the tasks that some bots can help with.

To help you understand what role a bot can play in your business, we will take a look at a few scenarios where a bot can be implemented.

  • Your customer care department has to respond to emails from consumers. This can take up a lot of time. Many customers have similar requests. A bot can be used to filter through these emails and queries. The bot then determines what the question is about – and can send an email back to the customer without human interaction. Using a bot with implemented AI technology ensures the emails are customized – so the customer thinks a real agent contacted them. Questions that the bot is unable to process are then sent to a support agent.
  • You have employees that need to constantly post updates on your social media channels. This helps your business remain active among its followers. Setting up a bot can help to automate these tasks. Employees can plan outpost types and set them up on the bot. The bot then automatically keeps the social profile active.
  • Data entry can also be done with a bot. The employee needs to log in to one application, retrieve data, then copy it over to another application for processing. This may be required for thousands of entries. A bot can be programmed to do all of this with no errors and more efficiency.


Artificial intelligence has allowed developers to create bots that are able to automate several tasks that employees need to do. This helps to free up time from employees. In turn, employees can focus on more important tasks, ensuring the business is able to thrive in the modern-day. Bots are also able to reduce human errors and provide a faster processing speed than the average employee. There are several types of bots that can be used to automate business operations. We looked at how this may benefit your business in this post.

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Here’s How To Ensure You Have The Perfect Landing Page

If you are in Australia, and you are thinking about creating a landing page, read this.

All business know that SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is essential to driving online traffic. Attracting customers to your website from search engines is only half the battle though. You’ll also need to impress online visitors enough to stay and engage with your business.

Are you still struggling to convert leads into subscribers and paying customers?

Your landing page design is more than likely the issue. The landing page is the first page people see when clicking on your ads or typing in your URL. Landing pages are essentially like book covers – they need to entice people to read! If you don’t grab their attention, they will simply go somewhere else. Unfortunate, but reality.

At Vedametric, we build several hundred landing pages every month – so we like to think of ourselves as “experts” in the industry – with a proven formula that guarantees results – or your money back! We know Australia can be a tough market, that’s why we work so hard to get it right!

Here are some of our tips if you’re a DIY’er.


1. Write a Persuasive Headline

Every landing page needs a great heading. It needs to be BIG and BOLD. Headlines should tell online visitors in clear, concise terms what you offer.  For example, an online tutoring business might choose the headline “Studying for Final Exams Just Got Easier”. A fitness company may pick a headline like “Burn Stubborn Belly Fat Fast”. Aiming for brief headlines under 10 words is smart. Get right to the point of your business mission. Don’t leave online visitors guessing about what you’ve got to offer.

Headlines must be compelling and informative about your company’s services. You want to grab your visitors’ attention immediately and lure them towards your product.


2. Add High Quality Images

According to Forbes Australia, 65% of people are visual learners. Online users want to visually see what your business offers, Landing pages must include clear, eye-catching images. Pictures with plenty of pixels are important to avoid blurriness. You can take these pictures yourself or download stock photos. You obviously never want to infringe anyone else’s copyright so don’t just copy images off Google. The photos should be related to your business services and headline. Perhaps upload an image of a smiling person using your product.

Pictures with people are statistically proven to perform better because visitors will feel more connected. Landing page videos are also helpful to show your business in action.

3. Create Supportive Subtext

The landing page headline draws online visitors in, but supporting subtext keeps them. People work really, really hard for their money. They need to know exactly what they’re buying into. Use your landing page to describe what your product or service is. Outline the features that make your product or service unique. Tell and show visitors why they should choose you over your competitors. Avoid exxagerating or making false claims. Remember to use bullet points and numbered lists that are easy to scan. Make the content user-focused. Remember, they have to like you so that they can trust you. Landing Pages Australia

4. Work on Appearance

This is quite possibly one of the most important. Maintaining a professional appearance throughout is essential to building trust with your potential clients. Your content needs to be free of typos, and all your links should work well at all times. Stand out from the rest but creating a unique landing page with a professional and experienced web design agency rather than a quick DIY version. An experienced team will also be able to assist with the speed of your site as well as creating a unique and the most optimal user experience.

A properly thought out design and workflow is one of the most effective ways to make a strong first impression and boost traffic to your site.


5. Gain Greater Visibility

Use the right SEO strategies, such as keyword optimisation, backlinks and other organic search engine optimisation techniques to give your business greater visibility. Having a landing page that no one knows about is pointless. You need to make sure you rank in Google search results. It can be difficult to keep up to date with the latest SEO strategies that allow your business to gain an edge over other companies that still use outdated techniques.


6. Mobile Friendliness

There is more mobile internet browsing than ever before. People browse the internet while going to and from work, while waiting for food at their restaurant (or even dining table at at home!) and anywhere else you can imagine. The invention of smartphones has completely changed the way as well as the speed we get information. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest all take advantage of mobile usage by making it easier for users to browse their platforms. Making your landing page optimised as well as responsive for mobile users can make or break your conversion rates.


7. Not Getting To The Point

The sole purpose of a landing page is to provide useful, clear, and direct information regarding a product of service. Visitors want to know within a matter of seconds what your offering is, how it benefits them, and what its going to cost to attain it. They don’t want to read long blocks of text or have to go through an extensive process just to find out what they’re looking for. Make sure that your landing page clearly  and efficiently communicates the point across.

Web Development Australia

8. Not Using “Emotive” Design Elements

This one is so important and missed by so many. Create emotion and you will sell. There are many ways to do this. One of the most efficient ways of doing this is to use the science of colors. Don’t just slap any colours on your page, you have to understand which colours affect human purchasing behaviour. For example, did you know that women don’t like gray, orange and brown? But they love purple, green and blue! Did you know that blue is generally used to create feelings for trust? Think Facebook. It’s core values are transparency and trust. Yellow’s are colours for happiness. Brands use yellow to show that they’re fun and friendly. Vedametric has an in-house UI Expert who has decades of experience in colour psychology. We take this seriously!

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9. Landing Pages Australia

Finally,  we know that it can be hard to get this all right.

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Author: Kunal // @kunalmiind

5 Benefits of Building a Mobile App for Your Business.

Exposure Your Brand with The Help Of Mobile App Development For Business
The importance of mobile app development in business is very palpable. Mobile apps have transformed the way people do business. These types of apps have made it easier for customers to get business information with the speed of light and at the same time remain connected and up-to-date with their favorite brand.
Now the question is – how to reap the benefits of mobile application development? Here, in this post, we will discuss that in a lucid way. Read on to know more!

Benefits of Developing Mobile App For Business

Mobile apps development has become a necessity for every business, be it a startup or an established business. As a business owner, you can’t afford to ignore its benefits. Below are some of the ways mobile app development by the application developers is beneficial for businesses;
● Strengthen customer engagement
● Increase accessibility
● Provide value for customers
● Transform the retail experience
● Build brand awareness and recognition
Last, but certainly not the least, in accordance with the estimates, the mobile app industry has the capacity of growing by as much as $100 billion by 2020. This has prompted many businesses to embrace this technology so they can further engage their customers and get solid insights into their users so as to bring about an improvement in customer experience.

Mobile app development is a Vital Means of Business
Mobile app development is one of the most important things for the business. This can be your essential way to promote brands and deliver both massive as well as relevant exposure to marketing.


mobile app design australia

How to work with a Virtual Assistant to Manage Your Blog.

How A Virtual Assistant Can Help You Manage Your Blog?

Right off the bat, here, in this post, we will tell you that it is not the sole purpose of this pose to describe or discuss WHY you should blog. We are assuming that by reading this post, you will be ready to launch a blog, but will need help With a marketing tool or virtual assistant expert so that you can generate at least 88 percent more leads than non-blogging online businesses.

Yes, it is right – research has shown that many small organizations that blog generate at least 80 percent more leads per month than that of static websites. That is huge! Isn’t it?

Having Your Virtual Assistant Marketing Your Blog Full-Time

Here is a list of on-going tasks that you need to do, we mean your virtual assistant needs to do for you, to help with the marketing of your blog as well as website.
● Submit your blogs to blog directories
● Submit your blogs to RSS directories
● Gather content related to your niches
● Monitor blog sphere for references and linkbacks
The bottom line is – when you are working with a virtual assistant, you need to follow it up with the new tools that would be your help to promote and brand your blogs. This will help your VA work in a progressive way, and you will get instant results.

Do You Know How to Work With A VA To Manage Your Blog?

The concept of the Virtual Assistant is now new. It can help you manage the assistance along with managing your blogs that an expert can do with the right tasks and tools.

How AI is Changing the Landscape of Mobile App.

How AI Development Is Rapidly Reshaping The Mobile App World?

Beyond question, of uncertainty, the mobile application is intended to get greater effortlessness as well as comfort our work forms and at last in our life. Because of the exceptional and exponential improvement of science and technology, especially AI development, the dependency on the personal computer has diminished essentially because of the progressively mobile-associated world.

As a dependable data source indicated that by 2020, there would be in excess of 26-billion associated gadgets, yes, we are talking about mobile devices, both with and without the Internet. On the basis of user experience, AI is best for analyzing data and identifying key patterns in user behavior.

AI Development Is Driving New Possibilities

Now the question is – how developers on a global platform are using artificial intelligence within mobile applications? It will offer an excellent idea of how AI development can be utilized to develop personalized application solutions. These are:

● Predictive purchasing
● Recommendations
● Suggestion optimization

Last, but certainly not the least, undoubtedly, today’s mobile apps are continuously advancing and AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence is quickly empowering this evolution with more interactive applications entering the market. Face identification enabled by Artificial Intelligence is used in apps that can identify human faces and have the ability to present them in different castings.