Selenium Testing and QA Services

28 Jul

Selenium Testing and QA Services

As an organization that has been in business even before the birth of Selenium, we pride on wide expertise, having done automation with commercial as well as open source tools. We grew as Selenium grew – so we have alongside built robust test automation frameworks that leverage Selenium and Java, in offering rich out of box solutions to our clients. We have also leveraged all components of Selenium to be able to provide both smart and fast automation solutions in short Agile cycles. Integrating Selenium suite of tests, with other tools and frameworks such as AxE, we offer combinatorial testing for areas such as Accessibility, Security leveraging a single suite of Selenium test scripts. We continuously evolve, innovate and update ourselves with the industries’ best practices enabling us pass on that value to our end clients. We also have an active R&D team focusing on newer frameworks and plugins, built on Selenium to continue to give a leading edge to our clients in the automation we deliver.

Software QA Services Using Selenium

While test automation is a huge area in itself covering both functional and non-functional tests, Selenium Test Automation (automated testing using the Selenium tool) today serves as a period defining phrase – automation before Selenium era and after Selenium era. At a very high level, Selenium is a portable tool extensively used for testing web applications. It can be effectively deployed on Linux, Windows and Mac OS platforms. It supports execution across browsers. As an open-source software it enables engineers to write tests in a number of programming languages such as C#, PHP, Python, Groovy, Java, Perl, Scala and Ruby. Selenium changed the automation landscape with all the flexibility it brought in across technologies and domains, throwing most tools before, out of gear.

Vedametric’s Selenium Framework

  • Continuous Integration (CI) and Delivery (CD) ready
  • provides instant feedback to developers on change commit
  • Single click to run simultaneously on different OS-Browser configurations
  • Multi environment support with remote execution capabilities
  • Notification of test execution by auto email
  • Use page object model (POM) concept for rigorous keyword and data driven testing

Our Selenium Test Automation Services use:

  • Selenium WebDriver – Leveraging the WebDriver API’s, the goal is to supply an object-oriented API that provides support for new age problems
  • Selenium Grid/VisGrid – Allowing parallel execution across machines and browsers
  • Zephyr – A test management tool which is available as an integrated plug-in for JIRA. Our team has successfully executed Zephyr test automation across projects for a series of clientele
  • Ruby Engineers – Proficient across all programming languages such as Java, Ruby, Python etc. for automation testing, the team has a variety of automation test frameworks for an effective and flexible testing process
  • Appium – With various test automation frameworks leveraging Appium and Calabash for mobile applications automation, we dedicatedly offer testing on emulators, simulators and mobile devices

Recent years have seen a significant rise in the demand of Selenium Test Automation. The team at Vedametric Australia effectively uses Selenium Testing Services to validate functionality and reuse the original scripts in pre constructed test frameworks as described above. If you are looking for timeliness, budget efficiency without compromising on the quality of automation testing, just talk to us or schedule a meeting and let us get back to you at the earliest with the most suited and tailored solution.