BOT development

BOT development

Powerful bot development simplifies users tasks. VedaMetric offers bot development services which will revolutionize the way you do things on the web as well as how you communicate with your customers.

Our bots can streamline tasks, automate interactions with objects, websites, data, users, in fact, everything. Imagine this: everything a human can do whilst sitting on a computer, a bot can do as well. When we say EVERYTHING, we actually mean EVERYTHING. Except, it can do it at 1000x the speed and be “working 24/7 – Non-Stop. Need to create leads? Automate acquisition tasks? Scrape data? We can create you a personalised bot that will run on your system (or ours) and do it all for you. It’s not expensive either! Prices start at just $250 for simple tasks!

Chat Bot Development For A Smarter & Efficient Workflow

VedaMetric can also created voice bots and chatbot using Dialog Flow, IBM Watson, Amazon Lex, fastText, Rasa NLU, & Microsoft Bot Framework. We are well-known as a bespoke bot developer in Australia. Our highly qualified team of bot developers can devise solutions tailored to match your business requirements. Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa integration requirements? No problem! We can do it all.

Our Chatbot Development Services Include:

  • Facebook bot development
  • Slack bot development
  • Telegram bot development
  • Microsoft bot development

Our chatbot developers provide highly intelligent and sophisticated chatbot solutions. You can implement the chatbots into diverse domains, like e-commerce, customer support, entertainment, delivery services or healthcare, to name a few. As a veteran bot development company, we can help you create breakthrough results, drive operational growth as well as efficiency, with chatbot development solutions.